El despacho de Abogado Lown:  

El Despacho de Abogado Lown está dirigido por el Abogado Zachary Lown.  Su práctica se especializa en defensa penal y en ciertas áreas de la ley de inmigración. El Abogado Lown ha ganado casos difíciles como abogado litigante y ha obtenido resultados excelentes para sus clientes. El abogado Lown es un abogado de primera en Boston, Massachusetts en y Martindale.

Attorney Zachary Lown

Para ser preciso y claro, en mayo de 2018 Zachary Lown me ayudó a recuperar mi vida.

Clarence, ex cliente, de

Zach es un abogado a quien también puedo llamar mi amigo. Cómo mi abogado 3/3 ganadas.

Patrick, ex cliente, de Facebook

Uno de los mejores abogados con el que he trabajado. El mejor en asuntos de Defensa Criminal. Lo recomiendo altamente.

​Nanette Cabral, Presidenta de Cabral Investigation Services


El es un abogado excelente y un defensor fuerte de los derechos.

- Abogado Brian Murphy, defensor criminal altamente calificado en Worcester, MA

Su compromiso firme hacia sus clientes y su pasión por la defensa criminal se notan en todo el trabajo que hace.

​- Abogado Justin Drechsler, abogado litigante de Boston, MA

El abogado Lown es un profesional quien lucha ávidamente por cada uno de sus clientes.

- El honorable juez Leslie Harris (retirado), Boston, MA 

Asociaciones profesionales

miembro de la Junta del Capítulo de Massachusetts del Gremio Nacional de Abogados

miembro del Colegio de Abogados de Boston

miembro de la Asociación de Abogados de Defensa Criminal 

Resumen profesional

Abogado litigante - oficina de Roxbury y Dorchester, Comité de Servicios de Asesoría Pública

Pasante judicial - Jueza federal de estados unidos Judith Dein

Asistente de enseñanza- Clínica para libertad condicional, Facultad de Derecho en la Universidad de Northeastern en Boston


Facultad de Derecho en la Universidad de Northeastern en Boston

Universidad de Tejas en Austin 

Universidad George Washington en Washington DC

Honores y premios

abogado de primera en

evaluado por excelencia en

beca de justicia social, Facultad de Derecho en la Universidad de Northeastern en Boston

beca conmemorativa de John T. Powell, Northeastern University School of Law

Attorney Lown wins Green Card for young couple

July 18, 2019

The green card processing time on this case was unusually fast. The spouse initially came here to study. She later fell in love with a young man who she met through friends at Grad School in Boston. The spouse was approved for conditional permanent residency in a matter of just five months. (Go to Green Card Through Marriage.)

Suppression victory limits police intrusion

July 02, 2019

Attorney Lown’s motion to suppress win in Boston’s downtown district court underscored an important fact: police officers do not have authority to stop and frisk someone merely because they seem “suspicious.” In this case, Attorney Lown cross-examined four officers at a 4-hour hearing. Ultimately, Judge Cathleen Byrne ruled that the officers crossed a line. She found that the officers lacked sufficient justification to search Lown’s client and that the Constitution demanded that the evidence be suppressed.  

Attorney Lown convinces DA to drop “reckless driving” charge

May 31, 2019

“The police treated my client like a criminal for having gotten into an accident,” Attorney Lown said. Even though the officer did not witness the accident he decided to charge the client with reckless operation of a motor vehicle to endanger lives.  “But the prosecutor was very thoughtful and open to what I had to say,” Lown added, referring to an assistant district attorney in the Chelsea District Court. Ultimately, Attorney Lown prevailed and was able to show the DA that this was an accident, not a crime. The DA agreed to drop the charges.

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Immigration Lawyer: Why Attorney Lown practices Immigration Law

By Attorney Lown: My grandparents lived in a peaceful Jewish village with dirt roads called Utena, Lithuania.  As the Nazi winds began to blow across Europe, my grandparents gathered some possessions and left.  Six weeks later, Nazi collaborators marched into their village.  They massacred nearly every mother, father, sister and brother.  My grandparents' childhood friends were buried in mass graves.  

My family immigrated to the United States and have since focused their life on fighting oppression.  Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and the right to pursue a better life.  This belief underlies the Lown Law Firm's immigration practice.

Criminal Defense Attorney: Why Attorney Lown practices Criminal Defense 

By Attorney Lown: The snow falls as we stand with Delores Baker outside of the Baltimore super max prison. Her son Wesley is just now being strapped to a table and injected with a series of three lethal chemicals. The prisoners behind the window bars chant, “Don’t kill him!”  Today, as in the months leading up to Wesley Baker’s execution, Baltimore and D.C. area organizations stage a protest. We emphasize that the evidence against Baker is weak, that death sentences are skewed according to race and geography.  The lights somewhere on the eighth or ninth floor go out.  Delores Baker, trembling, is shuffled off by relatives.  

Protesting outside of the prison’s twenty-foot walls lined with razor wire as Wesley Baker was killed by our government, – this drove me to obtain my law degree and become a defense lawyer.  I wanted additional tools to fight for social justice.  As a defense lawyer I will utilize the highest efforts to defend my client's innocence.    

In The News:

Dismissing cases outright would help defendants avoid the stigma of a criminal record, Lown said. "It's impossible to get a job with a criminal record...or get an apartment or a place to live. It's a moral issue," Lown said

- The Boston Globe 


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