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Lown Law Firm:  

Lown Law Firm is a solo practice run by Attorney Zachary Lown.  It is specialized in criminal defense and certain areas of immigration law.  Attorney Lown has won difficult cases as a trial lawyer and gotten excellent results for his clients.

Attorney Lown is an open-minded and thoughtful attorney that will carefully listen to what you have to say and fight to uphold your rights.  He aims to help individuals overcome adversity, and he seeks to fight for a more just system of laws.  Attorney Lown's decision to be a criminal defense attorney and an immigration lawyer is driven by his own experience and background.

Attorney Zachary Lown
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To be short and brief, in May of 2018 Zachary Lown helped me get my life back.

Clarence, former client, from

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Zach is an attorney I can also call my friend. As my attorney 3/3 win.

Patrick, former client, from Facebook


Attorney Lown is A Great Lawyer, He Has Helped My Family Through A Case That Seemed Tough But He Was Determined And Never Gave Up and Made Sure to Prove My Family Member’s Innocence And The Case Was Dismissed

​Former Client, from Instagram

What Experts are Saying

He is an excellent attorney and strong advocate.

​- Attorney Brian Murphy, Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyer in Worcester, MA

His steadfast commitment to his clients and passion for criminal defense show through in all of his work.

​- Attorney Justin Drechsler, Massachusetts Trial Lawyer, Boston, MA

Attorney Lown is a skilled lawyer who fights avidly for each individual client.

​- The Honorable Judge Leslie Harris (retired), Boston, MA

Professional Associations & Memberships

Former Board Member of the National Lawyers Guild Massachusetts Chapter

Boston Bar Association Member

Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Member

Prior Work Experience

Law and Order in University Stone Buildi

Trial Attorney - Roxbury and Dorchester Office, Committee for Public Counsel Services


Post Conviction Attorney - Private Practice

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Teaching Assistant - Parole Clinic, Northeastern University School of Law


Northeastern University School of Law  - Law Degree

The University of Texas at Austin - Master's Degree

The George Washington University - Bachelor's Degree

Honors and Awards

Gold Level client rating on

Rated 10 out of 10 on

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Peer rated by other attorneys for professional excellence

Rising Star on


Immigration Lawyer: Why Attorney Lown practices Immigration Law

Immigration Lawyer

By Attorney Lown: My grandparents lived in a peaceful Jewish village with dirt roads called Utena, Lithuania.  As the Nazi winds began to blow across Europe, my grandparents gathered some possessions and left.  Six weeks later, Nazi collaborators marched into their village.  They massacred nearly every mother, father, sister and brother.  My grandparents' childhood friends were buried in mass graves.  

My family immigrated to the United States and have since focused their life on fighting oppression.  Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and the right to pursue a better life.  This belief underlies the Lown Law Firm's immigration practice.

Criminal Defense Attorney: Why Attorney Lown practices Criminal Defense 

By Attorney Lown: The snow falls as we stand with Delores Baker outside of the Baltimore super max prison. Her son Wesley is just now being strapped to a table and injected with a series of three lethal chemicals. The prisoners behind the window bars chant, “Don’t kill him!”  Today, as in the months leading up to Wesley Baker’s execution, Baltimore and D.C. area organizations stage a protest. We emphasize that the evidence against Baker is weak, that death sentences are skewed according to race and geography.  The lights somewhere on the eighth or ninth floor go out.  Delores Baker, trembling, is shuffled off by relatives.  

Protesting outside of the prison’s twenty-foot walls lined with razor wire as Wesley Baker was killed by our government, – this drove me to obtain my law degree and become a defense lawyer.  I wanted additional tools to fight for social justice.  As a defense lawyer I will utilize the highest efforts to defend my client's innocence.    

In The News:

Dismissing cases outright would help defendants avoid the stigma of a criminal record, Lown said. "It's impossible to get a job with a criminal record...or get an apartment or a place to live. It's a moral issue," Lown said

- The Boston Globe 


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