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Green Card through Marriage

Lown Law Firm can help you or your spouse obtain a green card through marriage.

If the applicant's marriage to a US citizen or legal resident is less than two years old, then the applicant may be granted a conditional residency. ​A person who was granted a conditional green card based on marriage must file to remove the condition on his or her residency within the 90 day period prior to the 2 year anniversary of the date on which the conditional residency was granted. If the marriage is more than two years old at the time of application then the applicant may be granted a full permanent residency.


Attorney Zachary Lown, Principal Attorney

The petition to obtain either a conditional or permanent residency will include certain forms. These forms include detailed information and must be carefully completed. The forms must all be consistent with one another in terms of the information presented. 

Legal Services for a Green Card based on Marriage:

Lown Law Firm will provide you with a custom checklist for a green card based on marriage. You will complete this list ​which collects vital information. This will be used to create a strong application packet and ensure that each form is properly executed. (Contact Us). 

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Customized checklists are provided.

The necessary forms require certain fees, must be packaged in a particular way and filed at the proper location.


In addition to properly executed forms, a successful packet will also include evidence that the marriage was a genuine marriage and was not entered into for the purpose of evading the immigration laws. Some examples that the marriage was genuine and that the couple intended to lead a life together include: Pictures of petitioner and Spouse with Relatives and friends; Bills listing both the Petitioner and Spouse’s name; Jointly filed tax returns; and, jointly owned property, among other things. 

The green card processing time on this case was unusually fast. The spouse initially came here to study. She later fell in love with a young man who she met through friends at Grad School in Boston. The spouse was approved for conditional permanent residency in a matter of just five months. 

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In addition, the applicant (beneficiary) and the sponsor may also be called to come in for an immigration interview. At the interview the examiner will seek to determine whether the marriage is a bona fide marriage.

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Attorney Lown will accompany you to the immigration interview.

Attorney Lown will attend the interview and  monitor this process.

Every case is different and you should consult with an attorney before filing any petitions with the US government. There are penalties for filing a false or frivolous petition and your application may be denied. Individuals who are out of status, may have violated an immigration law or have been arrested should also consult with a lawyer.

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Attorney Zachary Lown                Principal Attorney

What is the best time to apply for a green card? 

When should I apply for a green card? If you live in the United States and you meet all of the requirements for eligibility, it is best to apply early enough so that you do not have any lapse in your status. Keep in mind that processing times for green card applications generally range from 9 - 15 months. Approximate wait times are posted on the USCIS website. You should also seek to maintain a valid status even while your application is pending. Although you may stay in the US while your properly filed application is pending, if the application is suddenly denied you may be forced to leave the country. 

Can I travel outside of the country while my application is pending? 

No, you cannot travel outside of the United States while your green card application is pending without prior permission from USCIS. If you do so, your application will be deemed abandoned. Even if you are granted travel permission in advance, keep in mind that a border agent must still make an individual discretionary decision as to whether to allow you back into the country. You should consult carefully with your attorney as to your reasons and need to travel prior to seeking travel permission and before leaving the country.  

Can I work while my application is pending? 

You need prior work authorization to work while your application is pending. A person may continue to work if they have a valid, unexpired work authorization. That authorization may be specific to a certain employer. If you are granted a work authorization card while your application is pending, the applicant may work for any employer. 

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