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Drug Cases

If you are seeking to beat a drug case: one of your most powerful weapons is a motion to suppress.  A motion to suppress argues that the police did not have the right to search a person’s property, order a person out of a car, or put their hands on a person’s body.  If the motion to suppress is successful, the drugs will be excluded from evidence.  

There are also a number of defenses available in a drug case.  Even if your suppression motions is not successful, there are defenses available to you.  Attorney Lown will fight to get you the best possible result.

Prior Cases: Lown Law Firm Wins Motion To Suppress

Police officers stopped Attorney Lown's client in Dorchester after claiming that he was acting "suspicious" while riding as a passenger in a car.  After Attorney Lown cross-examined three officers, the Honorable Judge Breen in Dorchester agreed that the officers did not have the authority to stop the car and order the client out of the vehicle.  The evidence was suppressed and the case was dismissed. More

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Attorney Zachary Lown, Principal Attorney

If you are seeking to get help for a loved one who suffers from addiction and this person has already been charged with a crime, you have options.  Many courts now provide diversion programs for low-level drug offenses.  This means that the person may be “diverted” out of the prosecution track and given a period of time during which they may obtain drug treatment.  If the person follows through with treatment, they are usually able to secure a favorable result in their case.  Whether or not this option is available depends upon the court, the practice of the prosecutor’s office and the successful advocacy of the defense lawyer. 

Drug addiction is a mental health condition, not a crime.  Attorney Lown will advocate to the fullest for your loved one or family member.      

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