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Will Rachael Rollins back down?

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Rachael Rollins, newly elected Democratic nominee for Suffolk County DA . Credit:
  • Rachael Rollins is already feeling the pressure to back off her reform agenda.

  • She doesn't seem like the type to easily back down.

Just prior to the Democratic primary for Boston's District Attorney, candidate Rachael Rollins listed petty crimes for which she would not seek criminal punishment.

35,000 Suffolk County residents voted for her in the primary contest. Her police-backed opponent, Assistant District Attorney Greg Henning, was a distant second.

Now, loud voices, mainly law enforcement who backed her opponent, are expressing their "alarm."

Rollins says she is meeting with police leaders and that she is not "backing down" but is trying to hone her platform. Fair guess those officers she is now meeting with were not among the 35,000 that voted for her at the September 4 primary.

Rollins said from the beginning that she was serious about social justice. She cited her family members' own experience with the courts and jail as evidence that she was close to the people most affected. She's got a no-nonsense manner. We don't expect her to cave in.

Attorney Lown was quoted in this recent Boston Globe article pushing back on those who want to continue the old way of branding people with a criminal record for minor crimes. (Full link).

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