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DA Still Prosecuting Crimes She Pledged to Drop

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

The District Attorney for Suffolk County, which includes Boston, is still prosecuting petty crimes that she pledged to drop. District Attorney Rachael Rollins promised in her campaign to divert a host of low-level crimes into a non-criminal track thus sparing the defendant from a criminal record.

Yet THE APPEAL has reported that Boston residents are still being jailed for these same offenses:

According to Court Watch, roughly half of the defendants charged exclusively with offenses on Rollins’s list during this period were Black and about a third were Latinx, while fewer than one-fifth were white...
...That concerns Zachary Lown, a defense attorney with Lown Law Firm in Boston.
“Not only is it true that these cases are still being prosecuted,” he said, “but people are being put in jail without being convicted of any crime—for a crime the DA said they weren’t even going to prosecute.”

THE APPEAL explains that, "Boston’s top prosecutor says big changes are in the works; advocates plan to keep pushing." Read here ➡️➡️ link.

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