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Attorney Lown convinces DA to drop “reckless driving” charge

“The prosecutor was very thoughtful and open to what I had to say,” Attorney Lown said, referring to an assistant district attorney in the Chelsea District Court. “The police treated my client like a criminal for having gotten into an accident.” Lown’s client lost control of his work-van and veered into a parked vehicle. No one was hurt. The client’s first language was Spanish. The officer in Chelsea, who did not witness the accident, arrived on the scene and decided to charge the client with “reckless driving to endanger lives.” This kind of charge can impact a person’s criminal record, license, car insurance and immigration status. Ultimately, Attorney Lown prevailed and was able to show the DA that this was an accident, not a crime. Lown also provided a description and photographs of his client’s family and work life. The DA agreed to drop the charges.

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